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How did the term “QUISLING” come about and for what reason is it used?


One can say that this term started being used after the last world war and is derived from the surname of Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling.


Vidkun Quisling was born on 18 July 1887 and died on 24 October 1945, the son of a Church of Norway pastor, Jon Lauritz Qvisling from Fyresdal. His parents were from old and distinct families from Telemark.


He was the best cadette when he graduated from the war academy in 1911 and achieved the rank of major in the Norwegian army. 


He worked with Fridtjof Nansen in the Soviet Union during the famine in the 1920s.


For his services in looking after the UK’s interests when diplomatic relations were broken with the Bolshevic Government, he was honoured with a CBE by the British Government.


“QUISLING” was a Norwegian diplomat, a fascist politician of the Centre Party, worked also as a humanitarian worker in the Soviet Union, and served as Defence Minister in the Agrarian Governments between 1931 and 1933.


On May 17, 1933, the Norwegian Constitution Day, “QUISLING” together with lawyer Johan Bernhard Hjort formed the “Nasjonal Samling”, which in Norwegian means “National Unity”, a Norwegian "FASCIST" party.


This party had an anti-democratic structure, while “QUISLING” was to be its “Fører”.


In-Norwegian, “Fører” means “LEADER”, the same as “Führer” means in German. 


Sometimes he was referred to as “The Norwegian Hitler”.


His party was based on the German “Führerprinzip” principle, the German name for “leader principle”, that refers to the system of hierarcy of leaders that resembles a military structure. 


It garnered 27,850 in the 1933 elections 4 months after it was formed, thanks to the contacts which he had with the Norwegian Farmers' Aid Association.


When his party started changing its religious roots to a more pro-NAZI and anti-semetic hardline policy from 1935, support by the Church waned and in the 1936 elections received fewer votes, until the German invasion of Norway its membership had reduced to around 2,000. 


Membership increased to around 45,000 Norwegian collaborators during the German occupation.


When Germany invaded Norway on April 9, 1940, “QUISLING” became the first person in history to announce a “coup d’Etat” during a news bulletin. 


He declared an “ad hoc government” during the invasion confusion, and hoped that “HITLER” would support him.


He did so when the Norwegian King and Government escaped to the North and “QUISLING” was afraid that all power would fall in German hands to the disadvantages of the Norwegian people.


It should be stated that “QUISLING” had visited “ĦITLER” the previous year, but “HITLER” considered that “QUISLING” was of no use to him.


QUISLING” was not popular, so much so that his government only lasted for five days.


Immediately afterwards, Josef Antonius Heinrich Terboven who was a “NAZI” known for his ruthlessness with Norwegians during the German occupation of Norway, was appointed as “REICHSKOMMISSAR”, that is, a “COMMISSIONER of the EMPIRE”, the highest official in Norway reporting directly to “HITLER”.


There was great tension between Terboven and “QUISLING”, but Terboven probably saw an advantage of having a Norwegian appearing to be in power in order to reduce the Norwegian people’s hatred. 


He appointed “QUISLING” as “MINISTER PRESIDENT” in 1942, a position that the Fører”, that is, the “LEADER” took on 1 February 1943 and kept until the end of the war, while the Social Democratic Cabinet of Johan Nygaardsvold was exiled in London.


He was arrested on May 9, 1945, tried together with two other leaders of his party, Albert Viljam Hagelin and Ragnar Skancke, was found guilty of “HIGH TREASON”, and was executed by firing squad at Akershus Fortress.


The charges against him were his actions during the war. 


His coup d’Etat in 1940, his revocation of the mobilisation order, his encouragement for Norwegians to join as volunteers with the Norwegian SS division, his collaboration in the deportation of Jews, his responsibility for the execution of Norwegian patriots, and a number of other charges.


That is why “QUISLING” was considered as a “TRAITOR” and a “COLLABORATOR” who “BETRAYED HIS COUNTRY” and his “NORWEGIAN” brothers.


The term “QUISLING” has became a synonym, in a number of lanuages such as English, Italian, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Greek, Croatian, Serbian and a lot of other languages with “TRAITOR”, especially one who collaborates with an invader, that is a “COLLABORATOR”.


Today therefore, the word “QUISLING” means a traitor, that is one who betrays, especially one who obeys the foreigner and rules according to his orders in spite of harming his country and fellow citizens, and is particularly applied to politicians who appear to favour the interests of other nations, ORGANISATIONS or foreign cultures over their own.


In legal terms, “TREASON” means a “CRIME” of “DISLOYALTY” to one’s “NATION” or “STATE”, and means “a person who betrays the nation of their citizenship and/or reneges on an oath of loyalty and in some way cooperates with the enemy, is considered as a traitor”.


In fact, according to Oran’s Dictionary of the Law (1983), “TREASON” is defined as “a citizen’s actions to help a foreign government, make war against, or seriously injure the parent nation”.


In many countries, it is considered treason to attempt or conspire to overthrow the government, even if no foreign country is aided or involved by such an endeavour”.


A traitor is one who betrays or is accused of betraying, that is, carries out treason against his country, his political party, religion, family, friends or race.


Another term, among others, that is used against those who are considered as traitors apart from “QUISLING” is “JUDAS”.


COLLABORATOR” is a “PEJORATIVE” term, may mean the “TREASON” of “COLLABORATING”, that is carry out “COLLABORATION” with the “ENEMY” that is occupying your country.


Thus it means “CRIMINAL DEEDS” in the service of occupying forces, (not necessarily physical occupation), and includes complicity with the occupying power in murder, persecution, pillage, and “ECONOMIC EXPLOITATION” as well as participation in a “PUPPET GOVERNMENT”, that is a government with strings attached, in other words, that does what the foreigner orders.


The use of the word “COLLABORATION” to mean “collaboration with the enemy by treason” has been used since 1940 with reference to the “VICHY REGIME” in France and other French people who helped “NAZI” Germany.


It is since that time that the words “COLLABORATOR” and “COLLABORATION” have been given that “PEJORATIVE” meaning in the French language.


The term “QUISLING” was originally coined by “The Times” in its leader of April 15, 1940, entitled “Quislings everywhere”, where it asserted that “There are QUISLINGS in every country in Europe”.


Many insist that there is not the slightest doubt that this term applies to the EUROPEAN UNION and the MEMBER STATES.


That is why many consider the GOVERNMENTS of the Member States and their LEADERS who are ready to rule according to what the EUROPEAN UNION PETTY DICTATORS order from Brussels as QUISLINGS, JUDAS, TRAITORS and COLLABORATORS with the foreign EUROPEAN UNION COLONIALIST RULER.


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