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The European Union ordered that as from 2009 the Maltese and Gozitans pay it €153,400 daily


Popular petition on illegal immigration


In the public conference that the CNI held in a hotel in Tas-Sliema, last Friday 5 December, it was decided that the members of the Maltese Parliament should take concrete action against illegal immigration in Malta.

The representatives of all the political parties were invited for the Conference.


The leader of Azzjoni Nazzjonali, Dr Josie Muscat, spoke at length about the bad consequences that illegal immigration is causing to the Maltese people and moved a proposal that said :


“We,  Maltese citizens, ask the Maltese Parliament to, without any delay take the necessary concrete steps to stop illegal immigration to our country.”


The CNI chairman Dr Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, said that in the coming months a campaign shall be held so that the Maltese and Gozitans sign this petition to the Maltese Parliament.


The signatures of the Marsa and Birżebbuġa residents will be collected first and if the response is encouraging, the campaign will be spread to the inhabitants of all the towns and cities of Malta and Gozo.

The speakers at the Conference explained how all the measures taken up to now on illegal immigration have all failed.


Neither the establishment of the Frontex agency nor the voluntary burden sharing agreement are going to discourage the immigrants.


The proposals that the European Commission made on 3 December will worsen the situation, because they do not want the illegal immigrants to be held in detention centres and be given access to work as soon as they enter our country.


Dr Josie Muscat insisted that to curb abuses and the exploitation of illegal immigrants, an agency should be set up for those who are given permits to work to register them and control the work that they are given, where they work and what conditions of work they have.


Dr Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici insisted that if we want to solve this extremely serious problem, the country has to declare to everyone that it is not going to accept illegal immigrants, from wherever they come, whatever the reason and that every illegal immigrant will be sent back to his country.

It should be known to all that illegal immigrants who do not give information from which country they are coming will be kept in prison until they give the required information.

Once it will be known to all that Malta is not accepting illegal immigrants, they will not risk sailing uselessly.


Dr Mifsud Bonnici insisted that while we do not accept illegal immigrants, we should as a people show our solidarity with those less fortunate than us.


We should do this by the country allocating every year a percentage of the Gross National Income to the countries in need from whom the immigrants are leaving.


In this way, since we cannot give shelter to the immigrants, we give them help in their own countries – as we can, notwithstanding our poor situation.

The speaker also said that as long as our country is a member of the EU, our representatives should pressure the EU to organize and finance regular schemes for immigrants to those EU countries that need them, and thus regular immigration will replace that illegal.


All those who took part in the heated discussion agreed with the two speakers and with the plan for the popular petition to the Members of Parliament.


At the end of the meeting Mr Joe Baldacchino and Smash TV who filmed and recorded the Conference and Mr Anġlu Xuereb, who gently accepted that the Conference be held at the Victoria Hotel hall.


 The Government should not betray the national interests


Instead of helping us to subdue the problem of illegal immigration in Malta, the European Union, even if it doesn’t want to, is increasing the problem for us, because with what is deciding, it encourages more migrants to sail to Europe.


The decision that the European Commission took at its meeting of 3 December is going to worsen the illegal immigrants’ situation for us.


Because on 3 December the Commission proposed that they amend the European Union Directive about the Conditions of Welcome of illegal immigrants who apply for asylum that are to be considered as refugees.


In the words of the official statement issued by the European Commission representative in Malta, the proposal of the European Commission aims in particular to


“it is assured that detention is only used in exceptional cases and provides legal safeguards to be assured that detention will not be arbitrary”.


These words mean that illegal immigrants’ who come to Malta and demand to be considered as refugees, should not as a rule be kept in detention centres, except in exceptional cases and when there is a reason for this.

The proposal of the European Commission also states that it should make


“easier their access for work and also ensure that restrictions implemented  by the Member States would not hinder them to have access to employment”.


Up till now in Malta we hold the illegal immigrants in closed detention centres for 18 months and afterwards, they are sent to open centres and the immigrants can come and go how much they want, go wherever they want and work as much as they want. 

The proposal of the Council of ministers will not allow us to continue to do so and we shall have to allow the illegal immigrants freedom forthwith to go wherever they want.


The Ministers proposal also wants us to immediately help the illegal immigrants to start working and remove any restrictions that we have about their employment.


In other words, this European Commission proposal means that we shall allow the thousands of illegal immigrants that come to Malta immediately they land to be free to go wherever they want and work wherever they want.


This is they will uselessly be illegal, but not be considered illegal at all, but be considered as foreigners who have a right to settle and work in Malta.


If the leaders of the governments of the member countries of the EU (among them the Maltese Prime Minister) approves the proposal of the European Commission, we can assure the Maltese and Gozitans that the illegal immigrants will come here not in their hundreds, but in their thousands and we shall not have an “invasion”, but a tsunami of illegal immigrants.


This is an enormous threat to our country and we expect the Prime Minister of Malta not to betray the Maltese people by accepting the proposal of the European Union.

Already the Maltese people have been betrayed when the Maltese Government, to make our country an EU member, yielded to the pressure of the European Union and repealed all the reservations that the Maltese Government had made in 1971 to the United Nations Refugee Convention.


The consequences of this betrayal of national interests are the thousands of illegal immigrants that are in our country.

On 17 January 2002, without telling the people, they repealed 13 of the reservations that the Maltese Government had made in 1971 when it signed the Refugee Convention.

And on 24 February 2004, 11 months after the referendum on membership in the Union, without telling the people, they repealed the last three reservations that remained to the Refugee Convention.


Many big countries members in the European Union maintained the reservations that they had made to the refugee Convention, but the EU did not want to allow Malta’s membership if the Maltese Government did yield and not repeal all the reservations that the Maltese Government had made in the interests of the nation in 1971 to the United Nations Refugee Convention.


 The Union has increased our illegal immigrants’ crisis


We are in the middle of a hard winter and notwithstanding the sea conditions and storms, hundreds of illegal immigrants have already come to our country during the first weeks of the year.


We can predict that

* in spring and summer,

* in fine weather and calm seas,

* this year thousands of illegal immigrants will some,

* if we do not stop them from coming.


* The will add to the illegal immigrants that are already here.

* to continue to increase our crisis of where to keep them and

* how we can control them.


In the last few weeks the number of illegal immigrants in the closed detention centres,

* more than once,

* they rioted and

* protested because they are being held in detention for too long and

* because they are not being given refugee status.


A great number of police officers and soldiers had to be called to subdue them.


In the coming months we expect more riots and protests from the immigrants once their number increases and their numbers increase the cramping in the centres and worsens the conditions that they are kept in.


We are afraid that in the future

* the trouble is going to increase for the police and the soldiers that take care of the immigrants, 

* as well as the cases where illegal immigrants will be clashing with Maltese civilians.


Our peoples’ minds cannot be at rest when the number of illegal immigrants in our country exceeds more than three times the sum total of our police and soldiers altogether that our country has.


The number of illegal immigrants in our country

* is creating us problems of security and

* social problems,

* As well as financial burden and

* a burden on the health service, and

* is making a bad name for Malta with foreign organizations

* who accuse us of inhuman treatment and with breach of human rights. 


We have seen this during the visit by United Nations officials last week, where they strongly condemned us for the manner of how we treat the illegal immigrants.

We are sorry to say that we are not doing what we necessarily have to do to solve the illegal immigrants’ crisis in our country.


* It is necessary to close the doors totally and

* do not allow illegal immigrants to remain in our country,

* by sending them back to their own countries without any exception.


Our country cannot bear to accept illegal immigrants wherever they come from.


We should not submit to what the European Union wants from us with respect to illegal immigrants.


It does not want us to send them back to their own countries and neither to allow them to go in its countries where they want to go.


It wants us to keep them in our country and integrate them with us and is giving us money to do so.


This it is increasing our crisis that we have with illegal immigrants.


The EU is to blame for the illegal immigrants crisis that we have,  

* because it forced the Maltese Government,

* when it was negotiating the membership agreement of our country,

* to repeal all the reservations that the Maltese Government had made when it had signed the Refugee Convention in 1971.


The Maltese Government had made those reservations so that illegal immigrants would not have a right to come to our country and demand to be kept as refugees, or to be given humanitarian protection and thus also remain in our country.


To become members in 2003,

* The Maltese Government went against the national interests of our people and

* submitted to treat the illegal immigrants as the European Union wants.


If our people want to seriously stop the illegal immigrants from continuing to come to our country,

* they should ignore the policy and

* the EU directives on illegal immigration, and

* forget Frontex,

* the burden sharing, and

* the integration of immigrants into Maltese society,

* adopt a policy decided not to permit illegal immigrants to remain in our country. 


We believe that the vast majority of the people are in favour of this policy that really protects the national interests.


WHO homeThe photos below are taken from the World Health Organization (WHO) website as to how they treat diseases in Africa while further down you have links to the WHO website to see with your own eyes the dangers of diseases that the illegal immigrants bring with them. 


And here in Malta everyone is not worried with the illegal immigrants running around as much as they want among us.


Remember that to go to these countries they make you like a sieve with the injections they give you and these are coming here without any control whatsoever.





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