Was, is and shall remain in favour of Maltese workers

and against Malta's membership of the European Union






In the seven years 2007 – 2013 the Maltese and Gozitans are going to pay €420,000,000 to the European Union


CNI led again by Dr Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici


Advocate Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici is again going to be the Chairman of the Campaign for National Independence (CNI) after Professor Albert Leone Ganado decided to resign from the chairmanship with effect from this week. Professor Leone Ganado had occupied this post as from last September.

The appointment of Dr Mifsud Bonnici as the new
CNI Chairman, an organization that was set up to oppose Malta’s membership in the European Union has to be confirmed by a meeting for members that is going to be held on 1 June. 


However, Dr Mifsud Bonnici said that he hopes that CNI would be led by those who are not considered as politicians.

During the press conference addressed by the two mentioned protagonists, Professor Leone Ganado said that they had not remained active during the electoral campaign because they have members from both sides of the political spectrum.


“After the result of the general election was announced I sent my resignation to the Committee. They asked me to consider my decision but I feel that while I shall continue to work in this organization I will no longer occupy this position. Therefore as from this week I am no longer CNI Chairman”.

While he said that they are disappointed on the manner that the people decided but at the same time they respect their decision, Professor Leone Ganado said that now he hopes that the people will start saying what they really think about this subject.
He said that time shall come when the people shall realize that what was being said by
CNI was true.
According to him, Malta’s membership in the EU is an irrevocable step and therefore we have to work in this context.
While he said that now the
CNI should serve as a watchdog for whatever is happening, Professor Leone Ganado referred to Dr Mifsud Bonnici as one who “there is no other person better than him to defend the sovereignty of the country”.

From his side Dr Mifsud Bonnici thanked Professor Leone Ganado and the CNI members for the trust that they showed him. 


He admitted that there were some divergences between them on some points.

Dr Mifsud Bonnici said that in the past general election there were 146,000 who voted in favour of Malta’s membership in the European Union and 134,000 that voted against the agreement.


I don’t say that this is the verdict of the people but the verdict of 146,000. I respect the verdict of those who voted in favour of membership but similarly I respect those who voted against. 


In a democracy the will of the majority has to be implemented but the will of the minority has also to be respected. 


And no one should expect that those who were against now don’t have the right to remain against membership in the European Union.

Contrary to Professor Leone Ganado, Dr Mifsud Bonnici said that he does not think that the decision for Malta to become a member of the European Union is irrevocable.

This is because democracy gives the opportunity to the people to change their opinion from time to time. 


If a party loses an election it does not mean that it should change its opinion. 


This is what happened in the past and he does not see why this should not happen this year.

“The EU, through Giscard d’Estaing, is drafting a constitution that is going to provide for that if a country wants to leave the EU it can do so.


I hope that the majority of the people make use of this opportunity. When we opposed Malta’s membership in the EU we did so because we were convinced that membership is damaging to the country. And that we have started to see after the election shows that this is true”.


Dr Mifsud Bonnici here mentioned the issue of pensions and said that within a month and a half the ministers of the European Union member countries are going to meet to discuss the pensions whose burden is being too great and therefore are not going to remain as they are.
He reiterated the membership is going to reduce the sovereignty of the country because if one considers the new EU constitution s/he will become aware that this will have exclusive and superior powers to the constitutions of the individual countries.


“We will not do not honour to the people if we continue telling them that with membership we shall not be renouncing to our freedom. The European Union is being turned into a single state and the member countries will have to cede a part of their independence for its collectivity”.

Like Professor Leone Ganado, Dr Mifsud Bonnici mentioned that
CNI did not take part in the electoral campaign because it has members from different political parties.


Asked what will happen if the Labour Party changes its position about the European Union, the speaker made it clear that their position does not depend on that of political parties.


He promised that CNI shall continue to criticize whatever is wrong in the European Union and then it will be in the hands of the people whether to make some type of pressure on the Government for the negative aspects that hit them.


“We have to open the eyes of the people about the damage that we believe is going to be done. But we are not going to put obstacles for the Government in its work”, said the new CNI Chairman.

Friday 9 May 2003

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